Briixy's Animal Type Rescue

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Welcome and Muchly Greetings!


Perhaps you are of being lonely? Is considering of finding small type animal for being companion? Be happily to be coming to Briixy's Animal Rescue, where primary operation is being of recuperation and placement in most loving of homes for formerly injured or being of sickly or misplaced animals. Prices are being of fair, and all monies are used in further helping of small type creatures.

If you are also being in need of veterinary type service be feeling free to mail letter to Briixy for arranging of stopping my office.


Look Around and See What We Have to Offer!

We are keeping new type listings of all animals that are being of looking for homes. Be sure to check back regular like! Bulletins with newsly type information are to be had as well!




Be Sure To Check Out Our "Pet of the Week"

Every week we will have a spotlight and story on a certain pet that is currently up for adoption at the rescue!



(( Animal Type Rescue is a heavy RP guild run on the World of Warcraft server, Thorium Brotherhood. This site is an IC one and we ask that it be respected and treated as such. If you have any questions or comments for the guild master please see our contact page! ))