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The Staff of Animal Type Rescue

Beings of a more personal look at those that are being of behind Animal Type Rescue.

Briixy - Founder and Veterinarian

Nickname: Miss Briix


Age: My people are not of keeping track with such things.


Home: Am being from much farly away. Being living near Bloodmyst now, and keeping of office in Stormwind.


Brief Physical Description:  What? Well strange human type was of calling hot…though am not sure am fully understanding. Briixy is taller than most, and well…being of hoofy and horny too!


Favorite Food: Anything that is being of fishy! And crabby legs, yusly mmm.


Favorite Animal: Probably would having to be frog types, like my Chublet! Though am being very muchly fond of piggies too!


Favorite Color: Oooh, is easy one, Green!


Hobbies: Aside from work. Am enjoying of fishing, and being outdoors, very muchly!


Talents: Can be fitting of whole fist in mouth, this is talently, hmm?


Motto: “Muchly Greetings! How can be of helping you today like?”


Why you chose to work at the rescue:  Was being of a priestly type before crash, but was still working much with animals. Called veterinarian. When exploring new world was finding all manner of new type creatures and could not resist with helping! With most of family having been lost in crash, needed to fill time as well. Is what Briixy does…helping, yus.



Vanessa Illuel- Nurse

 Nickname: Van.  

Age: Eight hundred and four years.


Home: Have a small room in Darnassus, but as of late I prefer to stay at the office in Stormwind.


Brief Physical Description: Tall, dark… apparently too skinny.


Favorite Drink and Food: Wine, seafood, peaches.


Favorite Animal: Pigs, chickens, rabbits.


Favorite color: Indigo.


Hobbies: Gardening.


Talents: I am skilled with a blade, as well as with brewing potions and medicine. I also have some experience doing minor surgery and bandaging wounds.


Motto: “…”


Why you chose to work at the rescue:  I support Miss Briixy’s cause, and wish to aid her in keeping things running smoothly.